So, as I do, I’m currently participating in a monthly challenge. Vlogmas expects a vlog each day in the month of December leading up to Christmas, or at least that’s the idea. Now I’ve been joking about commitment issues for the past few days, but last night I wound up stuck at work after to my own shift to cover someone else’s shift and surprise surprise, I didn’t post a video.

I can hardly say this is the first or last time I’ve planned to do something and life has gotten in the way. I know I’m not the only one. You make plans with yourself, to practice something, work out, write, whatever, and then … you don’t. 

It’s tempting to beat yourself up, suck in all the negativity, the guilt, the blame for “failing to do the thing. For failing to commit to yourself. But I’d just like to send out a friendly reminder that sometimes circumstances are unavoidable. If you intend to do something, usually a fun hobby or an activity which betters your intellect or talents, you can’t always make it happen. Well you could not sleep, but if and when you get sick, you’ll screw up a hell of a lot more than one day.

There’s a difference between not accomplishing something out of laziness/poor scheduling, and genuinely unanticipated problems.

I’ve missed dates with myself because of work, because other people are sick, because of leaking roofs, power outages, injured animals or people, etc. The point is that these were all unexpected, and unavoidable. Health and safety need to come before fun and intention.

So I’m just passing along this bit of practical advice. Cut yourself some slack, and try to bounce back as soon as possible. Guilt will only make you miserable.

Best wishes,