I failed NaNoWriMo so hard this year and I’m not as upset as I probably should be.

In the past I’ve failed because of my depression and anxiety. My mental illness got in the way, but this year for the first time since I started participating 5 years ago, I actually had like, adult stuff going on. My husband and I are renovating a house to move into, something we have no experience with. I got the flu for over a week, and I didn’t push myself as hard as I probably should have because I’ve always had my mania to bounce back on.

That’s the thing with my Bipolar disorder. I haven’t been on my medication for very long and it’s sometimes hard for me to separate my patterns and habits from the old me, and the new me. I’m happier and in more control of my life definitely, but I’m also not quite so crazy as to attempt 30k in two days anymore.

All that being said, I’m going to try another crazy thing, Vlogmas. If you don’t spend a lot of time on Youtube, this is basically where you vlog every day of December. Seeing how well Nano went (and I’ve actually won that many times over) this is probably an experiment which won’t go according to plan, but I’ve always wanted to try it, and this year I finally have a space to film in that isn’t horrible. Wish me luck. I’ll be talking about books and writing. The usual.

If you’d like more of my goofy bookish self head on over there. If not, I’ll still be on wordpress this December, not to worry.

Best wishes,