I really really want education for everyone. Not just girls or boys, but open classrooms for adults to learn skills, and languages and create better communities. I want to see literacy rates sky rocket, and to experience the lives of men and women through art who aren’t white, middle class and American. I’m not saying that there’s anything wrong with being white and having a voice because I truly wish for equality for everyone, but right now, the voices I see most look like me, and I’m missing out on the vast majority of the world.

In the United states, “minorities” combined are greater than the white, heterosexual, standard people cling to. We’re the melting pot for a reason. Furthermore, the world isn’t made up of just one kind of people and to ignore that truth is to deny millions rights, and to deny ourselves the opportunity to expand our minds and hearts.

I just really really want for everyone in the world to be safe, and healthy, and to have food and water and the opportunities of education that I’ve had, and I want to see a generation of intelligent, world citizens full of wonder and knowledge and a hunger to create and help others. Can we just make that a thing please?

Just be kind, and don’t take away other people’s right like an asshat. Also, try to acknowledge that other people are human just like you, and they should be imagined complexly because we are more than labels. We can’t continue to live in an us vs them society. We are more than gender and race and religion and fandoms and politics. We don’t have to agree but we owe one another respect.

Best wishes,


via Ellie Taylor’s Tumblr – (via https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=sZQ2RUFd54o) …