So there’s this thing that I’ve been struggling with for a couple of months now. If you’re a Harry Potter fan than you’ve probably heard of Pottermore and if you’re a long time fan than you probably remember Pottermore before the “update” from September 2015. Basically the original website was an interactive game like experience where several multi-layered drawings could be explored for each chapter of every HP book. There were things to collect, games to play, and bonus content and notes from JKR about the characters, world, and more. And then, the website was completely deleted, and replaced with a news article based site, where you can now find the latest in HP news, namely The Cursed Child and Fantastic Beasts. More accurately they took Hogwarts and turned it into Buzzfeed. Now don’t get me wrong, I love Buzzfeed, but it’s not a game based, community experience for extreme fans of a book series. This is the watered down version of a once great thing.

Anyway, rant over.

When the site was rebooted, fans were able to re-sort themselves into their Hogwarts houses. The test was drastically different and it lacked some of the magic from the original but essentially the idea remained and so, slightly aggravated HP fan that I was, I decided to re-sort myself which is where this whole post is going…

Back in (June 2011 with the Beta edition) I was sorted into Ravenclaw. Probably if you’ve been on this blog for awhile you won’t be surprised considering my great love for books which is pretty much the surface of Ravenclaw. I’m into books, can spend hours jumping between pages in a dictionary or on Wikipedia, and know random facts about dozens of things, so the nerdy house was a natural fit, and one that I still gravitate towards. But… As you’ve probably guessed at this point, I was sorted into a different house this time around.


So the thing I’m struggling with is my dual house citizenship and the fact that well, I’m actually super psyched. Slytherin has a bad reputation but in terms of qualities characteristic to their house, it comes down to loyalty, ambition, and cunning.

A lot of people (mostly grumpy adults who are too scared to try something new to get out from under their miserable lives) like to tell me that trying to be a writer (or pursuing any kind of art form) is a waste of time because either a) art is worthless (don’t even get me started on this answer) or b) those careers are impossible to make money in and therefore worthless… Among my many co-workers, ex-friends, family, etc., I’m the unrealistic dreamer who (to quote one of my favorite Disney films) needs to get her head out of those books and pay attention to more important things. I have several posts slated for this particular topic, but I’d like to state here, that pursuing artistic endeavors is a worthwhile goal and to quote one of my other favorite people, Hank Green, “What is the point of being alive, if you don’t at least try to do something remarkable?” I have that quote painted on my wall actually, but with this attitude and these goals, I can’t help but feel as though my placement between Ravenclaw and Slytherin is exactly right.

If you’ve made it this far, then you either really like me or you’re a big fan of HP, to which I say we should be friends. But really, this topic of dual Hogwarts house citizenship has been covered beautifully and in painstaking depth by two lovely girls over on Tumblr who have an entire blog dedicated to this very topic. I highly recommend checking out their website if you are a fan and would like to explore your own house (or lingering doubts) but in essence they believe that a person has a primary and a secondary house (and sometimes more).

Your primary house is why you do the things that you do. The values you hold dear, your morality, your loyalty. Your secondary house is how you do the things you do. How you approach problems, situations, people, and the methods you employ to achieve your goals (which are dictated by your values).  In this respect I consider myself perfectly suited into my Slytherin/Ravenclaw House. I value loyalty, honesty, hard work, artistic expression, intelligence, equality, and the drive required to influence others via art/content. I act through research; exploring other mediums of creation/productivity, gathering resources/systems/tools, and cultivating skills and knowledge that may be useful someday even if I don’t have a use for it in the foreseeable future. In short I love meeting dreamers who have great ambition and who use everything they can get their hands on to make those “unrealistic” dreams a reality.

Unfortunately, Slytherin house has quite a stigma attached to it, even within the fandom (though not all fans *smirk*). This has kept me from claiming my house but I suppose I’ve let the boggart out of the closet with this post.

Hermione excited

Let me know down below if you’re a Harry Potter fan and what your house is down below. Also, if you are really as nerdy as I am please comment because we need to be friends. I’m 26 and (while I feel like my 15 year old self by saying this) no one understands my dorky, bookish self.

all the things sad

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