This is by no means a comprehensive review because I’m waiting to reserve judgement with full spoilery details until the second book comes out so that I can include my theories and then my dashed hopes, but this review is SPOILER FREE. BUT if you haven’t read A Court Of Thorns And Roses (ACOTAR) by Sarah J. Maas then go fix that right now. And then for the love of god tell me who you ship because this book is literally causing me to hyperventilate and I read it like a week ago. I’ve been hanging in bookish hangover goodness of the likes I’ve never experienced before except with Harry Potter and this, dare I say, may be worse. To be clear, I am not saying that this book is better than Harry Potter because the boy wizard will always have my heart, but I have not been so excited about a book in such a long time.

If you’ve made it to this second paragraph you may be able to tell that my inner fangirl is raging so hard right now and coherent sentences are hard to compute (especially the spoiler free variety) so I’ll just be giving you some of my feels in list format. (This is by no means in order of importance to anyone except the monkeys in my brain.)

  • Beauty and the Beast retelling! Warning, this is only partially accurate and there are several other myths and legends which give pieces of their tales to ACOTAR but I’ll be honest. My Disney fangirl was like, mmm yes please and she was not disappointed.
  • Strong female main character who protects herself and her family and fights for what she believes in. She’s compassionate, funny, artistic, and humble. I loved Feyre not because she always did what I wanted her to, which she didn’t, but because she was thoughtful about her actions and represented more than one side of herself. She had consistent depth that can be hard to find in fiction these days.
  • Love interests that I can get behind, while this is spoiler free, I will say that I ship against cannon, and while I’m not a fan of love triangles (which I don’t expect this to really be), if there was ever a reasonable possibility of a love triangle, this book embodies it. *provided of course that book two goes in the direction I hope to god and Satan it goes.
  • Faeries. This may not be a persuasive point, but I think that this book may have done for faeries what Trueblood did for the return to wicked badass not necessarily sexual in nature vampires. This is a vicious and widely versed world of faeries of many different types, sizes, and teeth.
  • Two women talk about something other than their love or interest in men. (several times)
  • A male is friends with the female main character and they are not having sex. Or even thinking about having sex. Or talking about other men. It’s beautiful.
  • Lucien is hilarious and snarky and well rounded and loyal and I wish there was a spin of series just for him.
  • Rhysand is such a multifaceted villain and steals every scene he’s in. You can never take his actions at face value.
  • All the characters actually exhibit their own morally good and bad sides. The background information and histories of the entire cast are believable and while they take their thoughts, actions and opinions to extremes and middle grounds, they are each interesting and well thought out. Hands down one of the best all around casts I’ve read since Potter.
  • Okay, I’ll say it. The BEST high fantasy book that I’ve ever read. Writing, characters, world building, the works. I’m in freaking love.
  • Also as a side note of my intense love and devotion to this series, I would like to conclude this list by saying that I preordered the sequel about 200 pages in, and when I finished the book, within ten minutes I started rereading it. I’d also like to point out that if I could get my hands on a copy of the sequel, A Court Of Mist And Fury early, I would sell my kidney. Hell I would sell both kidneys… Okay you can’t live without both kidneys, but I would seriously consider selling one. Provided I could read the book while in prep for surgery so that if I died due to my doctors stealing my copy for their own fangirl/boy fix, I could die happy.

So, are you going to read this book yet? Please please do and comment down below if you have and what you thought of it. And also if you ship a non cannon man because oh my dear god I need to let the ragging fangirl out with someone other than my husband who has not read the book, has no intention of reading the book, and has no interest in faeries, love stories, or anything that makes me kick and scream and squeal in the middle of the night when he’s asleep and I’m reading/thrashing in bed.

Best wishes,

Ellie ❤