This weeks Top Five Wednesday is hosted by Lainey over on Goodreads.
Today’s topic is top five books you were spoiled for, but I can’t honestly recall being spoiled for anything, so I’m going to give you my top five author pairings who should write a book together instead.

1. Maureen Johnson and John Green
Okay these two are already friends so that makes things easier, and they are both active in the online geeky communities. I would love to see them put together a cast of quirky geek characters who get into all kinds of mischief and adventures.
2. Erin Morgenstern and V. E. Schwab
These two masters of magic and prose could totally take the fantasy world by storm. With the incredible world building of Morgenstern and the viciousness (get it?) of Schwab’s characters, I could see book lovers weeping on their knees with joy. I know I would be.
3. Rainbow Rowell and John Green
Yet another geeky author pairing, but this one is all about the romance. Rowell’s romances are so believable and heart felt, and Green’s are quirky and they break my heart. I’d like to see these authors bring their creative strengths together to create a love story we can all cherish and geek out over.
4. Neil Gaiman and J. K. Rowling
My personal King and Queen of fantasy, Gaiman has a tendency to create dark, twisted stories that make you question everything you ever thought about pretty much everything, while Rowling is responsible for raising a generation of readers with magic, courage, and a strong sense of right and wrong. I’d like to think that these two could combine their wizard pens to create a strange tale of whimsy and shadow.
5. Patrick Rothfuss and Neil Gaiman
Speaking of strange magic, I’d love to just put these two in a room together and see what happens. They don’t even have to write anything, though if Gaiman could get Rothfuss to give us the conclusion to the KingKiller Chronicles that would be amazing, because I’ve been dying for it since like 2011…

These are just a few of the authors that I’d love to see write a book together, please let me know in the comments who you think would make a fantastic pair.
Best wishes,
Ellie ❤