I’d like to commence by saying, why the hell do we have to wait until February 2016 for the sequel. Cruel. Very cruel Tor.
I quite enjoyed this novel. Set in an high fantasy world(s) wherein there are four Londons (Black, White, Red, and Grey), the story follows a young man named Kell, and a wannabe pirate, Delilah Bard. Kell is one of only two Antari, or people capable of performing blood magic. This extra special title gives them each one black eyeball, and (I suppose somewhat cooler), the ability to create doors across the worlds. Black London’s magic turned dark a long time ago and was sealed off from the other realms, snuffing out magic(sort of) to varying degrees in the other world.
I won’t say much more because there are twists a plenty in this book, but I will say that it’s quite enchanting. I very much enjoyed it. I’m not usually one for high fantasy unless the world building is spectacular and while this was amazing, it wasn’t quite as well written as Schwab’s masterpiece, Vicious. That being said, the characters were phenomenal and heartfelt and I want to go adventuring with them, despite danger, evil rulers, burning magic made zombies, and generally perplexing awesome.
Highly recommend for anyone looking to get into high fantasy, fans of adventure, and great story telling.