Hello all. With my favorite writing month coming round, I’ve decided to launch a new type of post here on my blog. Every Friday I’ll be sharing a little bit of something I’m working on, whether it’s my current WIP that I’m editing, or as is the case today, a part of my November novel. There might also be the occasional short story or flash fiction as the months go on, but we’ll worry about that then.

Today I’d like to share the first couple of paragraphs to my NaNoWriMo novel for 2015. I have no plotting or previous work on this story, it’s a complete fresh creation which is exciting because it’s been almost two years since I started something completely new. This year I’m writing a middle grade fantasy. 🙂

The Barnacle Brothers were quite possibly the worst pirates ever to have graced the Eastern shores of Nelph.

This might have been because they named themselves after the least impressive sea creature known to man, or fae, or beast. It may also have been the fault of poor advertising, considering that they were just as likely to rob you, as smile and saddle up for a good story and a watery drink. It probably didn’t help that the closest they’d ever come to sailing the high seas was in the tin tub their mother had fashioned as a cradle to cast them into the Black river. And it definitely didn’t help that they were eleven going on thirty five.

But nevertheless, the two brothers were excellent pick pockets, and neither was bad with a sword. And dear Darik had lost his eye, or so he’d claim to anyone who cast his patch a second glance (though no one has ever seen beneath it as far as I’m aware).

But either way they spun their tales, The Barnacle Brothers hadn’t planned on coming all the way to Roundabout, the greatest port city in all of Nelph, when they left their caravan, broken wheel and all, along side the Winding Forest path. Then again, no one ever planned to end up there, as they soon discovered.

To be perfectly honest, which it’s citizen very rarely were, Roundabout was less of a city, and more of a state of being. Oh, it had it’s cobbled streets and slumping roofs just like any other proper city. But it had a mind of it’s own when it came to it’s populace.

Roundabout had a peculiar habit of handpicking it’s residents. Every unfortunate soul who found themselves wandering it’s twisted lanes had been chosen. Some liked to believe that the city saw something special in them and that was why they’d been plucked from their lives and families. But very few had any evidence to the claim (though this didn’t stop them from debating it loudly, over a few pints every now and again).

It didn’t much matter how anyone came to be there because only one thing in Roundabout was the same each and everyday. The city was a trap and the freedom lay past the ocean.

And most unfortunate for the worst pirate brothers ever to arrive in Roundabout, that ocean wasn’t particularly fond of anything to do with pirates except for blood, and bone, and curses (preferably the four lettered kind that ought not to be uttered by eleven year old boys. At least not too often.)

“Where in Dram’s name are we?” spat Darik, eying the silver shoreline with contempt. He and his brother, Fritz, had walked through the night, stumbling along over branches, and stones, and all manner of malevolent shrubbery until they came to an open path, upon which a sliver of moon light had led them further and further from their cart and everything they’d known to be true. Now, as the sun inched it’s way up into the sky, the trees broke open and the path wandered down a slope until there lay only an open ocean, and a sprawling city before them. Fritz met his brother’s gaze before shrugging heavily at the sight before them.

Fritz thought it quite silly to even ask the question, but he didn’t call his brother out. Such pettiness was the least of their concern at this point.

To say that they didn’t know where they were would be inaccurate. All sailors, even the worst ones, had heard rumors of the silver ocean and the raucous, tempestuous city it bordered. How they had traveled so far, more than five days journey, in a single evening was a far better question, as far as Fritz was concerned. Better still, was the mechanics of a laughing silver haired ocean, for it surely laughed at them, it’s wide maw gaping with each crash against the black sands. He’d never known water to laugh at men, at least not outright, but neither boy could deny the garbled howling and so they each chose not to mention it.

So that’s that, I hoped you enjoyed it. I’ve no idea where I’m going with this one, but I’m having so much fun writing it. Darik and Fritz have already gotten into so much trouble and it’s only the first week of NaNoWriMo, so I can only imagine where we’ll be next week.

To all those participating this month, happy scribbling. May the words flow fast and awesome!.

Till next time, best wishes.

Ellie ❤