Hello one and all.

My absolute favorite time of year is fall, for a number of reasons, but first and foremost in my mind (aside from my wedding anniversary) is Halloween and NaNoWriMo.  Unfortunately I have to work Halloween this year, but my husband and I, are going to rock out as skeletons so it’ll still be grand! Couples costumes for the win. But when all is said and done, and the face paint is washed away, and my belly’s full of candy, I’ll be counting down until midnight for November first to come round.

For the uninitiated, November is National Novel Writing Month, wherein all kinds of people from every walk of life, challenge themselves to write a 50,000 word novel in 30 days. It’s not impossible, I assure you. I’ve done it many times myself, but it’s been a number of years since I won, and this year I’m going for the gold. (There is no gold. Only tears, and words, and awesome.)

If you’re at all interested, I highly recommend you check out their site. It’s a great resource for people interested in writing, but who’ve never really given it a try before. And for those of us who write year round, but could use the comradery of hundreds of thousands of writers working and bitching and cheering them on. Which brings me to my real point for this post.

Aside from wishing you all a Happy Halloween and casting a general “Challenge yourself! Be awesome! Try Nanowrimo!” message out into the universe, I’d like to make an official request for a writing buddy. All of my nano friends from previous years have either given up on their novel writing pursuits, or don’t have the time to write this year, so I’m looking for anyone interested in participating in sprints, wars, or just general check-ins and cheer leading. I’m working on YA Paranormal or possibly fantasy, and depending on how the month treats me, I’ll be headed toward a 50,000-80,000 word goal. If you’re interested in chatting and being nano buddies message me down below in the comments, or better yet, on my twitter, @Writer_EllieT

Best wishes all. Have a safe and spooktacular Halloween and I’ll see you come November 1st!

Ellie ❤