Thanks to social media and the internet I can (almost) simultaneously watch make up tutorials on YouTube, drool over book hauls by booktubers,  listen to weird/awesome music on Soundcloud, read on Wattpad, pin every gorgeously photographed DIY on Pinterest, plan out my November novel on NaNoWriMo, hyperventilate over art at Deviantart, troll Etsy, swipe furiously through all the cool travel/yoga pics on Instagram…

I would happily admit that I don’t have the best understanding of a lot of social media stuff. Mostly because there are so many goddamn options and only so many hours in the day. Which is the reason I’m rambling this fine morning. Even with the limited apps and sites I frequent, it’s very easy to get overwhelmed with all the things I’m interested in. 

Writing novels can sometimes take a backseat to dreaming about being a power house book blogger with a mega popular booktube channel, or mastering the fine arts and selling pretty prints, or recording a nerd album, or having a Pinterest inspired house of awesome, or getting my ass in shape and becoming a yoga instructor… And (there’s a pattern here) the list goes on.

With all the resources for learning to do everything ever at our fingertips, the internet can sometimes tempt us into wearing too many hats. Photographer, blogger, vlogger, fitness guru, Instagram model, writer, etc. 

Now I’m not saying that you have to pick one, I certainly don’t intend to, but most people don’t master all of these skills all at once no matter what their perfect social media history might seem to indicate. Everyone started off as a beginner and the ones who focused on one thing at a time and dedicated themselves to it, got better faster. Once you’ve developed a routine for something, and you’re comfortable with that one thing, then it’s time to add another hat. 

The question then becomes, which hat do I want most, and what am I willing to step back from to get it? Baring in mind that you aren’t contractually obligated to give everything else up forever, just for a little while. 

In my case, writing is my past, present, and future. I can’t imagine doing anything else for the rest of my life, which means that I need to wear that hat most often(it’s a pirate hat by the way). 

What hat do you want to wear most? 

Best wishes, 

Ellie ❤