Landline is a hilarious, troublesome love story. I say troublesome because the story begins just before the holidays when Georgie and her husband, Neal, take a break so that she can pursue a life long, work related dream. Georgie is practically incapable of adulting without Neal and winds up crashing at her mother’s house. In her old bedroom, she stumbles upon her old landline telephone which allows her to call her husband back when they were dating (and also sort of separated) in college.

It’s a funny parallel romance, looking at two times when the couple separated, and at how their relationship, formed and grew and has cracked over the years since. It’s beautiful, and outrageously funny, and more than a little sad/nerve wracking.

I loved it.

I don’t often connect with characters are so much older than myself, but Georgie McCool (spectacular name choice) was so real, if somewhat brainless. I never read books in this romance contemporary sort of genre, but I’m never disappointed with a Rainbow Rowell book. She has a great voice and the attention to detail in her characters makes them hilarious and moving.
I’d recommend this to anyone who likes romance, but I would go a step further and recommend this to anyone in a committed relationship because it shows the colder places a relationship can wind up, like separation, when they’re neglected. It made me take a look at my own happy marriage and just bring into focus the fact that I never wanted to let go the way Georgie did for so long.
All in all it was a beautiful story, and I might make this a Christmas reread because I enjoyed it so much.
It’s easily one of the most enchanting books I read this year.