I can’t even.
Carry On continues and expands from a point made in another of Rainbow Rowell’s novels, Fangirl. In Fangirl, sisters Cath and Wren, are obsessed with a series of books about a boy names Simon Snow (The Chosen One) and his adventures at Watford, a magic school. Cath writes fanfiction about the series’ two main characters, Simon and Baz. If you haven’t read Fangirl, I highly recommend that as well, but it’s not necessary to appreciate Carry On.
Rainbow Rowell took that half formed, Harry Potter fanfiction-esque story and injected it with more magic, humor, and teenage angst than you can shake a stick at.
Carry On, was freaking amazing.
If you have ever read Harry Potter, read this book.
If you have ever read HP fanfiction, read this book.
If you have ever written HP fanfiction, read this book.
Honestly, just read this book.
I swear, it’s not just for fans of Harry Potter, or of Fangirl, but I definitely thing that loving those things as much as I do, really enhanced how often I squee’d while reading this. This is a thick book, but the very first thing that I wanted to do after reading it was reread it, and I think I probably will later this week. It’s that good.
To just give you a slight overview of what to expect, It’s Simon Snow’s final year at Watford, and his roommate, a snarky, rich boy, (vampire?) Baz, is missing. The Humdrum (a nasty magic stealing super villain) is creating chaos. And Simon’s relationship with his girlfriend is on the rocks. His best friend Penny is determined to get to the bottom of all this, and together adventure, romance, magic and pure fucking awesome ensues.
Seriously, I need to reread Fangirl right now because I need to re-experience why Cath and Wren loved this series so much. I sincerely hope that Rainbow Rowell intends to release more books/short stories/flash fiction/ANYTHING about these characters.

Go read this. OMG. Please.

Also if you’ve read this and you loved it as much as I did, you should watch Katyastic’s review on Youtube. It’s brilliant and beautiful.