I didn’t know this was a thing until about five minutes ago, but I enjoyed My Life In Books’ post so much that I decided to jump in and do one too. Like Aimee, I’m choosing to make my list about authors I quit reading. I don’t know that I’ve got ten in mind but we’ll see where this goes. 🙂

  1. Cassandra Clare

When I first started to get into booktube, I kept seeing the Mortal Instruments and the Infernal Devices series popping up everywhere so I thought I’d give them a try. I got through book 1 of the MI and then about half way through book two before I gave up. The writing was just awful and her characters were unlikable. And then, as a huge HP fan, I stumbled into the whole fanfiction controversy and decided that Clare was just not for me. I know a lot of people like them, but I honestly hate them. That being said, I loved the film and was kind of sad to see that they didn’t continue the series.

2. Lauren Kate

When I first picked up Fallen, I quite enjoyed the dark fluffy romance, but when I picked it up again a few years later and continued through the entire series my initial excitement deteriorated. I’m super not religious and had I known that the series was very biblical in nature, I wouldn’t have picked it up to begin with. There are plenty of things (like Supernatural or Buffy and Angel) that involve demons and sometimes angels, (my own books included) that don’t trudge down the path of spiritual enlightenment. While this series took on the whole concept with a fair bit of grace, it got incredibly repetitive and obnoxiously predictable toward the end. And unfortunately all the characters lost their meat after the first book. Once they were no longer trying to pretend to be human, they all got very flat and became paper people, each exchangeable for the other. They were often quite difficult to distinguish from one another which is never good.

3. Laurel K. Hamilton.

Real talk. I love me some sexy vampires and werewolves and supernatural whatnot. But the longer Hamilton’s Anita Blake series carried on, the less plot and character development went on, and the more onscreen sex, talk about sex, worrying about who to have sex with in the event that we should for some supernatural reason have to have sex, and also the logistics of 4-10 person orgy like sex took place. Don’t get me wrong, I love sex. I’m not at all shy about the matter, and I was not the sort to be bothered by the liberal, if somewhat misguided, usage and notions of BDSM/kink involved in the series. But if I need a score card to figure out who is with who, and who the fuck this person climbing into bed is, then it’s too much. Also, at the point where your main character has slept with at least 15+ people in 22+ books, they are not allowed to still have a moral hang ups about sleeping with people that they’ve already slept with on the grounds of wow this is a lot of sex. They can question who or where they will be having sex, but at some point they have to get wise to the fact that since the series which used to be about crime and violence, etc. is now entirely revolved around sex, magic and sex magic, then sex is bound to happen and whether or not it’s the right thing to do can no longer be considered a plot point. It kind of pains me to be honest because I really loved a lot of the characters in this series and I do reread the earlier books but considering the road this series turned down (some argue after book 12- I would argue after book 14… there are 24 books to date) I don’t see myself coming back to continue on the sexcapades anytime soon. After all, if I wanted pwp, I can get it for free on AdultFanfiction.com (SS/HG anyone?)

4. Maggie Stiefvater

This is another writer that everyone seems to love and I just do not understand. I read Shiver last year and found to it be okay, but then couldn’t bring myself to continue on past half way into the second book of that series (The wolves of Mercy Falls). Then I tried the first book in the Raven Cycle and absolutely loathed it. Booktube seems to think that her characters are magical and the writing is beautiful. I found her writing to be over the top and nauseating, and all of her characters struck me as either completely unrealistic, completely dull, completely intolerable or, on more than one occasion, all three. Not for me. I’m glad that her work seems to have found a home, but it’s not with me.

5. Lauren DeStefano

This one is a bit tricky for me. I read and enjoyed The Chemical Garden trilogy, although it didn’t stick with me as an utterly fantastic experience. But it was decent and I may thumb through the books again. My real beef was with the Internment Chronicles. Okay, beef may be too strong a word. My pork? Anyway, the premise was amazing, the first couple chapters were amazing, and then the rest was such a huge let down. The thing that really killed it for me though was the beautiful/intriguing chapter openers written by a character who died before the book started. I kept waiting for things to get interesting, or for the main character to grow more of a backbone/personality, and it never happened. There’s something wrong with your book, when the most interesting character is dead. (and not active in like a ghost/god way) Overall, I may someday remove her from my quit list, but I’m leery at this point.

6. Allie Condie

This is another author that I don’t hate, but I also don’t intend to waste the time or money to pursue more of her work. I enjoyed the Matched series, though it didn’t blow my mind. But when I heard about her new book Atlantia I was really excited. And it pretty much failed every expectation. Boring writing, unrealistic actions, situations, conversations, lack of direction. I just couldn’t finish it and I won’t be giving her another shot.

7. Tahereh Mafi

I actually wrote a really nasty (if I’m being honest) review of Shatter Me and Destroy Me earlier this year so I’ll just link those, but essentially, purple prose, telling not showing, cardboard cut out world building and characters, irredeemable love interest, and a character who continually thinks that if people (okay, specifically boys) don’t love her, then she should kill herself. Not a fan. Not a fan.

8. Veronica Rossi

I was thoroughly disappointed by Under The Never Sky, and yet, I think it would kind of make a good film. But the world building left a lot to be desired. When creating supernatural abilities, make sure that you’re readers know and can understand what the fuck is going on. After finishing a nearly 400 page book, I should be able to explain the vocabulary of a fantasy/sci-fi series, and yet. Nope. Also, insta-love. Meh. This was the only book by this author that I ever tried, but it was not worth the time or money I spent on it, so I won’t be making that mistake again.

9. Amanda Hocking

Total honesty. I picked this up because the author is practically the self-publishing pin up princess success story. And I have no clue why. I waltzed into Switched expecting to be wowed. After all, she made millions after mountains of rejections and after a brief interlude with Switched, I can see why her books were rejected. To-Stupid-To-Live characters, emotionally abusive love interest that the heroine can’t resist. Boring/repetitive dialogue, zero plot, poor pacing, and sin of sins, a weak waste of a female character. ugh. This book had led me to ban Hocking forever. I will never recommend her to anyone and I’ll never spend another cent on her books. What the hell is everyone else thinking?

10. Marissa Meyer

This might not be the best choice for this slot, but I can’t think of any other authors that I’m not planning on picking up again. Cinder was not a bad book, but it wasn’t a great one either, and I’ve been trying to limit my time spent on less than worthy reads.

So that’s it folks. The authors I’ve quit. Please let me know down below which authors you won’t be reading again, and if any of our choices match up. Thank you to Aimee from My Life In Books for prompting me to try this and a big thanks to The Broke and the Bookish who invented the Top Ten Tuesday. This was actually a lot of fun so you may see some more of these on future Tuesdays. Till next time, happy reading.