Writing is hard. Actually, art of any medium is hard.

It’s hard to start. To have the courage to fail, to learn and to grow. It’s hard to find something worthwhile to say. It’s hard to finish things. It’s hard to hit a speed bump and not give up.

It’s hard to be creative without support. Many art forms are collaborative and that is both good and bad. When attitudes shift or clash. When your old friends don’t get along with your new friends. When your family doesn’t understand what you’re doing. Or worse, when they blatantly want you to stop because in their mind you’re bound to fail, so why try.

It’s especially hard when you aren’t convinced that what you’re doing is worth the effort. When you begin doing something as a hobby and then by circumstance or choice it becomes your dream, the thing that you think about all the time and that makes you a more substantial and empowered version of yourself. It’s no longer something that you want to do, but something you have to do. It becomes a part of you that you can’t forget about which only makes all the obstacles along the way harder.

You have to travel the path that brings you closest to your own personal happiness and fulfillment, where ever it takes you.

The thing about art is that each person values something different. Which is why you should never do something purely for someone else’s approval. You need to make yourself happy first and foremost. Believe in the art you make and even if you fail, you’ll at least have something you can be proud of.

Like anything worth doing in life, being creative, being an artist, and sharing your genuine self with the world is hard. It doesn’t come easily, and the results aren’t always amazing. But it’s a worth while pursuit.

I ask that for anyone reading this, if you want to create something, if you want to try something new, do it. Live up to your own expectations and don’t bow down to expectations that other people dictate about your own life. It’s your life and no one else’s.

Be happy. Be creative. It’s impossible to live without fear, or without failing, but you learn so much every time that you try, regardless of the results.

It’s hard, yes, but it’s worth it.