Neil Gaiman is an auto buy author for me. I’ve yet to read anything of his that didn’t make me think or wonder about the world and this was no exception. There’s just something about his writing that is always darker and grittier than other books on the market. It’s like old magic wrapped up in shadows hidden between the cracks of the every day. He’s able to cram mysteries and paranormal intrigue and villains into the seams of every day life so that it seems perfectly plausible that there’s an entire alternate London below the perception of ordinary London. That you must mind the gap between the worlds, and not just between stations.

Neverwhere follows the young and unfortunate Richard Mayhew as he gets wrapped up in a murderous plot with the Lady Door, who can open up any door and doors to everywhere. Accompanied by many people and creatures of the London underground, sewers, back alleys and all manner of Londonish places, warped by Gaiman’s imagination, this is a must read for lovers of urban fantasy of any nature.

I highly recommend this, and frankly, I highly recommend Gaiman. If you enjoy darker urban fantasy and twisted humor he’s the best.