Absolutely satisfying. I don’t usually read contemporary or romance, but I’d heard wonderful things about this on booktube last year and subsequently picked it up when I saw it discounted on Itunes. I didn’t pick it up until this morning however and two hours later, I’m happy to report that this uplifting, sqwee worthy love story was wonderful.
While much of the backdrop of the book revolves around parents failing their children, through neglect or divorce/remarriage it offsets the perfection of Hadley and Oliver’s whirlwind romance.
Occasionally the writing was awkward, more so at the beginning than anywhere else, but then Smith would pull out a line that would stun me or leave me grinning. Overall I thoroughly enjoyed the humorous dialogue. Oliver and Hadley stood out very clearly in my mind and were heart wrenchingly cute.
Highly recommend to romance/ya lovers. Great read. Overall it’s a classic summery fluff read.