What the heck. Okay, I just finished this book and I’m so frustrated right now. Don’t get me wrong, I loved it. The writing was superb, the key characters multi-faceted and groan worthy. For a retelling type story I found myself really getting caught up in the nuances and mystery. I’d heard really great things about this book from the booktube community and was stoked to get my hands on a copy. In fact the only low points/boring parts of the book were the chapters told from perspectives other than Shahrzad and they were necessary to the story, even if I didn’t like or care about the characters.
BUT, I’d originally heard that this was a standalone. And it’s not. It’s really really not. I was half way through the book when I found out that it would be part of a trilogy, and I’m totally fine with that. If the characters are entertaining and the writing is well done I would always prefer to have more books to read. However, I would have waited to start the series until all the books were out had I known. Having just finished this first volume, I can honestly say that I can’t wait to continue. But boy am I pissed that I have to wait to do so. Ordinarily I try to not start a series until all or most of the volume have been released because I lived through the HP waiting years for a book decade, and am experiencing that same frustration with the King Killer Chronicles, and while I won’t put this book on the same pedestal, it’s remarkably good. And I want more.

Just to clarify after my rant, if you’ve not heard about this new release, it is a retelling of A Thousand and One Nights and centers around a young king who chooses a new wife each day and murders her each morning. Enter Shahrzad who offers to become his wife, with plans of killing him. Drama and awesomeness ensue. Highly recommend.
Side note: the cover is gorgeous and I love the rough pages as well as the beautiful painting of Shahrzad inside. But where is our painting of Khalid? For real.