Okay, this is just pure fangirling so if you haven’t seen the film don’t read. I’m not intentionally going to spoil anything, but I want to gush unabashedly so please don’t continue if you don’t want to accidentally learn something ahead of time.

First of all, the Hulk and Black Widow are totally my new OTP. For real, I loved them and the screen time they had. I realize that these are action movies, and they do a phenomenal job with the fight sequences and the special effects but for real, I love Marvel for the heart that goes into their stories and the connection and relationships between the characters. There have been quite a few films now and I will completely own up to the fact that I’ve never read any of the comics so it’s always a completely new world to me, but damn are these movies fine.

I mean the running jokes in every movie, like Cap’s issue with language. And the uneasy mad scientist vibe between Tony and Banner. Love it. Truly the cast in these movies, both core and minor do a spectacular job. Also, I don’t know if it’s just me or not, but I never really like Hawkeye. I felt like of all the Avengers, he was the third wheel. Like how did he qualify against a god, Ironman and the Capsicle. But Whedon really threw me for a loop with this film by giving him such a touching hidden backstory. It really made me rethink my opinions of him as character, and honestly Jeremy Renner’s portrayal. I actively didn’t care for him, but this really turned it around for me.

Of course these films have it all, action, romance, explosions, fantastic dialogue and humor, but some of them fall a little flat compared to the others. I’m looking at you Thor 2. Age of Ultron really hit the mark though.

Kay, I just had to fan girl for a bit. Off to look up Banner/Romanoff fanart now. 😀


Best wishes.