These are not my words of wisdom but this is an absolute gem of an article/post, I couldn’t not share it. This article, written by Kimberley Grabas over at Your Writer Platform perfectly summarized all of the things which writer’s struggle with on a daily basis, and it’s basically the best pep talk I’ve ever read. I’ve told myself all of these things at one point or another, many of them repeatedly, but this is all the things you should tell yourself every day if you’re a writer. (Sorry to all my readers, though I would suggest reading the article anyway because a great deal of the advice applies to other creative mediums and to life in general.)


Go forth, be inspired.


Actually, I loved this article so much I might make a poster of those 39 things to hang above my desk. It’s that good.

UPDATE (5/26) : So I made this. 🙂 It’s much lighter in person, but my room is kind of a bat cave. Even with the lights on.