This book is required reading for life.
For me it’s a guide of existence. A thought process, a hope, belief. The secret is that thoughts have power, and therefore you have all the power in the world locked away inside your mind. To be and achieve everything you might ever want.
For people who understand the message of this book and embrace it with their whole heart and mind, it is phenomenal. I only wish that more people would open themselves up to it’s insight.

Much of what is said within wasn’t new information to me, but only because I have other family members and friends who had already read it, or currently live by the wisdom it puts forth. So at times I wasn’t as moved as a first time reader might be. But it’s the sort of book that I’d like to carry around on my person for personal growth at all time. I’m not a religious person, though I have faith, but this book is my equivalent of a bible. If there was a tiny pocket edition that I could hand out to people on the streets I would.

In much the same way that individual faiths and religions should be respected and not shoved down people’s throats, the material of this book follows the same principles. If you are ready to change your life and explore your place in the universe, then I encourage you to pick it up and profit from it. If the idea of a random book being compared to a holy work makes you uncomfortable or roll your eyes, then maybe this just isn’t the right time or place for you to read this and that’s okay too. To each their own.

But for me personally, this book is a life line and I recommend it to anyone regardless of circumstance, race, religion, gender, or any other arbitrary trait. Each person on the planet stands something to gain from this book.

Read it.


Just for clarity sake, I’ve read portions of this book over the years it’s been in my possession, this is simply the first time I’ve read it cover to cover. 🙂


Best Wishes.