I just finished the most incredible book. This is definitely one of those volumes that is beautiful and everyone will enjoy it, but for me it was the perfect book for the perfect moment in my life. I believe that it’s a five star, epic story that any reader will enjoy whether you read YA, adult, contemporary, romance, tragedy, mystery. This pretty much has it all and it does everything gorgeously. But this touched me personally because it hit close to home.

The Tragedy Paper, in the least spoiler, most open ended way I can describe, is about two young men in their senior years of boarding school, one year apart, and the tragedies that be fall them regarding their personal lives, loves and senior project, The Tragedy Paper. I honestly cannot tell you another thing about it without taking away from the magnitude of this book, but I also will say that I cannot recommend this more highly.

Well written, engaging characters, intricate plot and story telling devices. Thought provoking, funny, tear jerking. I can’t get over this book in all honesty.

I originally picked up a digital copy more than a year ago when all of booktube had this on their hyped lists of awesome books. I dutifully bought it, added it to unending to be read pile, and then ignored it for the past year and a half. When I pulled it out of TBR jar, I was content but I’ve read a few things with hype lately that have been lackluster and I had absolutely no idea what it was about, so I had no expectations. I think I’d read about ten pages before I was hooked. I’ve been ill lately so I had to put it down twice, but when I hit page 20 or so this evening I didn’t stop reading until the end. It’s wonderful to find a book that completely engrosses you, to where you have to get up eat or drink or go to the bathroom and the book follows you everywhere because you can’t part ways with it. This was one of those books for me. I hope that it can be one of those books for you to.

I will add though that for me this touched a personal nerve, because I too attended a boarding school with engaging teachers and special assignments and a forbidden forest where girls and boy weren’t supposed to walk or run and have special get togethers and obviously did all the time. Reading this brought back a lot of wonderful and tragic memories, that I’m certain each individual on the planet has about their teenage years, but for me was a big jumble of all the people I’d known, the changes that boarding school life instilled in my as an individual, a writer, a student, a friend and wife. It’s a beautiful story, and I encourage everyone to read it, but I just wanted to be honest that I fell hard for this one because it was one great big galavanting adventure down memory lane in the best way possible, even with the tragedies of the book, and my own time in that place.

So go forth, add this dutifully to your to be read piles and when you get the chance to experience let me know in the comments if you enjoyed it as much as I did. I’m also adding this one to my top books list so there’s that to.

Happy reading and best wishes.