This was just okay to me, but it’s probably my own fault. I didn’t realize until I’d finished it that I’d grabbed volume 3 at the library instead of one, and while it was mildly entertaining, I didn’t have any connection with any other characters and felt a bit lost because of it. Which isn’t really surprising considering I skipped the first two volumes. But what are you going to do right?

Still, it wasn’t a bad story minus all the back story I missed. The art style was interesting, but a lot of expression was lost to how dark the printing is. I understand that it’s a question of mood, but it’s a very darkly drawn, muted colored comic with and the detail and emotion got muddled with that art choice.

Overall the concept is neat, so if you’re a fan of marvel type super heroes, and teenagers who want to battle their super villain parents, I’d give this a shot. I may go back and pick up the first volume just to see how the story was supposed to be told, but I’m not really sold on it one way or the other. I had picked this up purely because I recognized Brain k. Vaughan from Saga, but this didn’t have the heart, playfulness or depth contained in that series.

My stupidity aside though, it’s impressive that the story held up and made some sense, or at least enough to keep me reading with a cast of 18 characters and a profound lack of set up. :/