Okay. I have no idea what this book was about.
I really love the Daughters of the Moon series, and have always considered this author to be a personal favorite, but the one good thing I might say about this novel is that it was an incredibly fast read. Probably because it was just half hearted descriptions about stuff you wanted to skim anyway. I now know a lot more about how unsettling it is to hide in dark shadows amidst glaring neon L.A. lights, then about any of the characters or story(?).
-The characters have no discernible goals, wants or needs
-There is no character development at all
-People are interchangeable because they have no descriptions, which is hilarious because of how well described things like their pet iguana and the moonlight in back alleys are…
-There were some villains. I think. They were defeated by magic. How, why, who the hell knows.

There was simply no logic or forethought that went into this story. I’m honestly shocked at the lack of anything going on in this volume. As I said before, the previous series, Daughter’s of the Moon is quite good and I’m both disappointed and a little bothered that this made it to publication. I have already purchased the second volume on discount (thankfully) so I will read book 2 but only out of buyers remorse, to check something quick off my tbr, and to see if this was a fluke. I’m also mildly curious to see if this was just a cash ploy but I don’t have any high hopes for the rest of this series. Two thumbs down. 😦