If I could hand a copy of this book to each person of the world I sincerely believe we would have a more prosperous society.

It’s taken me a few weeks to complete this, in part due to the gravity of the subject, and in part due to illness, but this is one a very short list of books which have come to profoundly move and change my perspectives of the world. Certainly in a book regarding ethics there are many levels of discussion taking place, some religious, some political, some internal or external, but the true messages of this book are meaningful to each and every reader.

In an effort to cultivate compassion and love for all people, we have the opportunity to gradually alter our world and the lives of others for the better. Though this is a book of many grand ideals and ideas, it manages to maintain realism and a sense of understanding that we cannot, and as argued within, should not seek to completely overturn our lives. Change for all begins with meaningful small steps in our hearts, heads and practices.

I cannot adequately describe the pleasure, peace and hope I acquired through reading this volume, but I will say that I’ll be purchasing my own copy as this was borrowed, and it’s going to the top of my list for books to give as gifts.

If you’ve ever had any interest in improving your own life, your families, your community, in understanding humanity or becoming a happier, well-rounded individual, please pick this up. It will resonate most deeply.