Okay, I take it back I wasn’t planning on buying my own copy of this series, but I thoroughly enjoyed this third installment. I squealed, I swore, and I was half tempted to throw the book across the room more than once. But all in all this was a wonderful third volume. I’m quite anxious to read The Heir, but it’ll have to wait a few days before I can get my hands on a copy which is quite unfortunate considering I read the first three books in two days. However, I whole heartedly recommend this series to anyone who likes YA romance, dystopian flavored novels, or just fun easy reading.

More so than the other two volumes, this book had a lot of heart, and while I’m sure there are silly or naive moments of plotting or character in there, I couldn’t be more pleased with the wrap up. There are a number of characters who didn’t make it through the series that make me far more sad than I would have predicted, but I won’t spoil them here. Just know that this was a lovely book and if you have an inclination to read about vivacious girls in beautiful gowns, all vying to be princess in a bachelorette meets hunger games kind of way (mostly with less blood, but certainly not less drama), then sink your teeth into this one.