Well, only a few short hours after finishing the first book, I’ve closed the cover on the second. I’m still in favor of someone giving Aspen a fine slap, but I did thoroughly enjoy this second edition.

Truth be told, I had a few more problems with the characters in this book than in the first. I hated America’s indecisiveness and I absolutely despise that she hasn’t kicked Aspen to the curb yet, but I can’t wait to crack the next book open. I’m also quite excited to see what will become of our less than stellar king.

Naturally the romance and flirtatious nature of this book did some yoyo-ing. It was still a fast read but it did feel the slightest bit tedious to actually have Maxon having his way with the other girls, but since some of the more romantic plot took a back seat, there were some deeply compelling developments as well. I was completely shocked at Marlee’s removal and then somewhat happy ending.

All in all another good read, if a little less pleasant than the first.

I’d recommend this series to others looking for a romantic, dystopian flavored drama.