This was an interesting take on the familiar dystopia that ‘s now a staple in ya fiction. While it does of course share many of the same elements with similar works, such as corrupt governments and secret organizations, Destephano breathed some fresh life into the genre.
I wasn’t particularly sold on Morgan as the main character. Don’t get me wrong she wasn’t an idiot or groan worthy, it’s just that she may have been the least interesting person in the cast.  She does show some great potential for the later books though, so I’m excited to continue reading the series. Truth be told, Daphne sounded like a much more interesting character to me . Easily my favorite thing about the book is that each chapter begins with an excerpt from Daphne’s essay, Intangible Gods. I was honestly surprised and a little disappointed when the entire essay wasn’t included at the end of the novel, but it was a memorable touch  and it helped to keep me interested even when I wasn’t thrilled with the Morgan.

I also would like to have had some more time with Pen who seems to have her own share of secrets and is a somewhat darker character than Morgan.

I’d recommend this book to anyone who likes dystopia, or whimsical mystery. It’s the first book in a while that I’ve actively hoped would be made into a film. It’s always a pleasure to see cities in the clouds and this kind of gave me a Hugo sort of vibe. Although there isn’t a love triangle so it probably will never hit screens. >_<