I will forever be indebted to my college French professor for introducing this story to me. I’d read the first volume a several years ago without knowing that there was more available. It just so happened to be at my local library and boy am I glad I stumbled on it.

Marjane is witty, poetic, and funny even though her story is mostly a sad one. I can honestly say that her graphic novels have taught me more about Iran and war than any history class I’ve taken on the subject. This isn’t a dry memoir by any means. It’s gritty and real and heartbreaking and awful. This volume especially, lends itself to understanding the human experience of being an outsider, having no one to rely on, being true to ourselves, practicing honesty and kindness, and most importantly of all courage.

I cannot recommend this highly enough. Even if you have no interest in politics or war or headscarves, read this. It transcends genres and preferences.