This has been on my list for a while though I didn’t really know anything about it. I recently saw it in booktuber Regan’s (PeruseProject) guilty pleasure reading video. As a paranormal romance dubbed, easy reading, I was up for a relaxed experience and this delivered.

Some advice. Don’t go into this expecting a mind blowing plot or completely fleshed out characters/setting. It’s not the best writing or even a vaguely original story. There’s definitely too much attention given to metaphors and the writing is choppy at best, muddled at worst. However, it’s a fast paced read that still manages to be entertaining. While I found myself rolling my eyes a lot, I didn’t ever think about putting the book down. Even when I could see where the plot was going chapters ahead of time, the characters were likable enough to keep reading.

If you need a break from tougher reading, or you really enjoy paranormal romance I’d recommend this series. I won’t be buying the books to add to my collection, but I will continue reading the books partly to know what comes next, and partly to add a few more titles to my year long goal because this was such quick reading.

Juliette is a likable character, though her narration is often repetitive. There’s a lot of metaphor about birds and flying free that are well and fine for a chapter or two, but it never really let up and maybe it’s just me, but Adam’s explanation about his white bird tattoo, the same that Juliette has been dreaming about for years… Lame. I’m sorry but I just didn’t find it that cute.

Also, while we’re all into paranormal romance for the characters to get together in the end, I couldn’t appreciate it because the writing style was all over the place. It was hard to differentiate between Juliette’s imagination, what she was saying, what she wanted to say, what they were doing, and what she wished he’d do. It definitely got better at the end, but it was distracting.

Warner is completely perplexing to me. Is he supposed to be a love interest? He’s an absolutely obnoxious guy, and I don’t know that he is at all redeemable, but I got the feeling that there’s supposed to be a love triangle to come and I can’t see it being believable at all. Just a thought.

My favorite character in all of this is definitely Kenji, and frankly I’d love to read a book just about him because once he came on the scene in the last 20% of the book, he totally stole the show. Which is kinda sad. Unless Juliette decides to fall for him. Then I’m totally all about this series. In connection to Kenji though the whole super power thing threw me for a loop because it was not foreshadowed at all and seems to have been thrown in at the end as an afterthought just so the series would have somewhere to go. Also, X-men. This series is freaking x-men. Juliette is a more traumatized version of Rogue, complete with a cool suit and glove by the end of the book. It was honestly hilarious, and refreshing compared to the dreary opening but not exactly imaginative. I’m interested to see what Adam and Warner’s super powers are going to be though.

I guess that’s the point of my rambling. It’s very easy to pick this book apart as amateurish, unoriginal or whatever, BUT it’s a fun read and I wasn’t bored despite the above. I wasn’t thrown from the book shaking my head and I don’t think it was a waste of my time. This book doesn’t really pretend to be anything that it isn’t. It’s a simple story about a girl who’s trapped between uncomfortable choices and who uses love as her rock, a tether to a better place, and she climbs out of the world she’s always known for better or worse. I do like Juliette and I’m fond of Adam. I’m certainly intrigued by Warner. I’ll definitely keep reading.

Edit: I just looked it up and apparently portions of Juliette’s narration are supposed to be crossed out, as if she’s editing her thoughts, or something like that. However the digital copy that I’m reading through Oyster doesn’t have any of those markings, which makes it awkward. So that’s one mystery solved. I guess it would have been less irritating if I had a hard copy.