In my experience the first book in a dystopia is always the best because the material is fresh and everything has that new shiny quality to it. Also dystopia doesn’t tend to end really well. I’m looking at you Allegiant and Mockingjay… While I won’t say that no one dies, or that everyone lives happily ever after, this had by far the best ending I’ve seen in one of these kind of series.

Hana and Lena are compelling, tragic and absolutely memorable. The building love triangle comes to a (in my opinion) neat and satisfying conclusion. Though I will say that I wished there was another chapter or two just so I’d know for sure what happens to all the characters, but honestly it ended far better than I expected it would.

It’s difficult to say more without giving anything away, but the entire trilogy will soon grace my shelves and I cannot wait to recommend them to all of my reading friends.

If you love reading ya, romance, dystopia, read this. If you don’t… read this anyway.