I’m sorry, but this book was awful. This has been my favorite film for 21 years and this book killed the story. It’s as if they asked a teenage fan girl to watch the film scene by scene and describe it in as much detail as possible without anything else. The writing was clunky and lacked the magic of the film, or really any skill at all. Actually no, that’s an insult to fan girls. They could have written a much better book than this.

The dialogue was almost word for word as in the film except for when it changes. I don’t mean that they add extra detail or expand the characters or scenes. I mean they change two words in a sentence. Just enough to through you off and out of the book. It’s been a constant struggle to finish this book, and honestly I skimmed the last 60 pages only because I paid a lot of money for this in a set with the Dark Crystal and the Storyteller. I’ll be selling this back at the used book store as soon as possible.

When I bought this, it was shrink wrapped so you couldn’t tell what you were getting, which was probably intentional since it was a huge waste of money and time. But the big draw was that there are pages from Jim Henson’s personal journal from the film and drawings from the puppet designs. These notes comprise the last 30 pages of the book, and are prefaced by a 3 page introduction, or what I thought was an introduction that turned out to be all of the information in the next 30 pages.

If this had been 8 bucks, or maybe even ten, but at 40$ in the box set, I’m pissed that it was so worthless. DNR.