This is something that I’ve been struggling with for a a couple of weeks now, in the most depressing and all consuming way. The inadequacies of my own work. Sometimes you can look in your writing and lose yourself in the story. That is always breathtaking. But more often, unfortunately, you see the layers, you see the pieces working behind the scenes. You can see where you tried, but it just didn’t come out right.

I’m experiencing this right now with the opening 5 chapters of my novel. Chapter 8-16 is better than it had been several months ago, and while it’s not perfect, I can look at it and not cringe. My opening sequences have their moments, but right now, having rewritten them upwards of a dozen times over the past few years since I started to project, I just want to burn the words and smash my laptop into a thousand tiny bits. Not conducive for creative work I’ll tell you.

I found this article with a wonderful video at the end on how creative types struggle through their art. It gave me a little bit of head space just now, and hopefully, if you ever find yourself in this same position, it will help you too.