This series. I almost have no words. In fact I’m teetering on the edge of silent awe, and an overwhelming desire to fangirl over how much I loved this book. The first book in this series was pretty spectacular, and from experience that generally means that the sequels just won’t compare because some of the newness of the situation has worn off. However, this was not the case with Pandemonium.

The main reason for this is probably because of how different that set up of the book is. In book 1, the stories flows in a completely chronological manner. Book 2 alternates between chapter headings of Then and Now. It’s not something that I thought I would enjoy at first since I’ve never read another book set up quite like this one, but my god. My god…

Okay. Spoiler free review : 5/5 stars, read the damn book. Do it. Now. If you like Young Adult and or Dystopia, please do yourself a favor and read the book.


I just need some space to gush. I absolutely love that Lena’s mother saves her at the bust. As soon as Oliver mentioned the tattooed number, my brain was like, oh man this has got to be her mom, but unfortunately I had to stop right then to go to work, and I spent 10 hours waiting for confirmation, but oh wasn’t I thriller to be right.

I’m also curious about what her mother is up to at this point. Knowing that she’s a higher up in the resistance, I’m curious when she got that position. Before she was locked up? She was in the crypts for a long time but otherwise how would she move up the ranks in the few months / year or so since her escape? I can’t wait to see how this all plays out. I also want to know what could be so important to her that she would willingly go out on some other mission when she literally just saw her daughter for the first time in a decade. It’s clearly insinuated from Lena’s perspective that her mother’s tone indicated that she knew who she was speaking with. So in the chaotic, unpredictable wilds where it’s not possible to just call someone up or gps, How exactly does she expect to find her daughter again?

Lastly, I wasn’t completely surprised to see Alex back in the game, but I am so damn curious to find out what’s got his shorts in a bunch, aside from Lena making out with another guy, cause honestly… it’s been like months and months. Where the heck has he been all this time?

Off to read book 3. 🙂