Monotony is my worst nightmare. When I look at my life, I imagine traveling the world, meeting interesting people, reading loads of books, seeing spectacular works of art and architecture and most importantly, being happy. There are certainly consumer goals. I aspire to live in a tiny house of about 300-500 sqft. I’d also enjoy paying off all my college and medial debt. But in general my goals in life boil down to being healthy, happy and inspired.

I’d like to point out that everyone has different definitions of happiness and therefore aspirations in life. My best friend wants to own a bakery. My husband would love to play video games every single day for the rest of his life. Each person has their own journey and their own expectations from themselves and others, and the world is infinitely better because of that. But inevitably our goals clash with the people around us. Parents, teachers, roommates, bosses, each have their own outlook and opinion about what we intend to do, and the likelihood of our success.

All that aside, I would just like to say, fight for your future. Be kind, Be honest, but be you. Don’t let people tell you what is and isn’t possible. Make it so. Do you’re own thing and enjoy it.