I’m pretty picky when it comes to romance novels since they aren’t really my thing but the blurb for this book was quite promising. Alice Clayton writes with an unending tension, crafting real people instead of cardboard characters. In my, admittedly limited, experience with romance novels, one heroine can be swapped for another without a whole lot of fuss. Much the same can be said for romantic leads, but Wallbannger was a pleasure to read. The characters were gritty, hilarious, and ultimately, entertaining. It wasn’t a surprise where the book was going, but despite that, it was enjoyable getting there.

If you’re looking for something to get you hot and bothered on page 2, I wouldn’t recommend this book, since it’s sexy scenes are few and far between. The focus is less on gratuitous smut (though that’s not always a bad thing), and more about a budding relationship. It was an honest to god, romance. Well worth the read.