I’ve never seen or heard any reviews regarding this story, but Neil Gaiman has surprised me time and again. He’s easily one of my favorite writers, so when I saw that this was available to read on Oyster, I quickly added it to my tbr, and dove in.

An all around quirky tale, it’s a father’s story told to his children about how he traveled through time and space with a stegasaurus, evaded pirates, and was kidnapped by aliens (among other things), while trying to return home with milk for the children’s cereal.

It only took about 20 minutes to read, but it’s funny and worth several reads. Also, not to take credit away from Gaiman, but the drawings cinched this story for me. I never knew I needed to see dinosaurs wearing air goggles, but it was wonderful. I’d recommend this to adults and kids a like. Very fun, and well worth the time. In fact, I read it on my laptop, but I may have to buy a hard copy.